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Set, Stage & Scenery

Our scenery department allows us to produce creative scenic requirements for your event, be it a bespoke conference set, internet cafe, registration desk, exhibition stand, star cloth or a simple stock backdrop.

Set building is a speciality service which requires extremely high levels of expertise and creativity which can only be gained through experience and utilisation of our resources. We provide our clients with a cohesive, creative and cost effective solution.

If you yourself have ever marvelled at a scenery structure and set design that simply took your breath away, well, there’s a science behind making that come together, and we’ll gladly share that with you when constructing and perfecting the scenery at your event.

Our scenery craftsmen can work closely with our event producers and you from the conceptual stages through to construction, delivery and set up. We will create all of your scenic elements required.

In addition, we have an assortment of custom lecterns from simple designs through to contemporary styles that include illuminated and perspex versions. We can custom make top tables to incorporate monitor screens, microphones and timer systems all designed to make your event run more efficiently. We have long standing relationships with leading event theme companies, ensuring we can provide that special prop to make your event completely unique.

Make no mistake; set and scenery design and building is an integral part to the overall effect and impact of your event. It’s one of the magic building blocks to ensuring a wonderfully successful event. Great set design is the difference between your company, product or services being viewed as amateurish, or, being appreciated and valued as elite and professional. Get in touch with us to discover how we can work wonders for you, no matter what size your project or event.

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